65000 Feet


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earth folding

spirit molding

into shine



Light passes into light

Sunfire heat shines bright

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Oh Ho!
March laughs
and grasps
one winter’s last left straw
to throw its chilly winds abroad
and freeze our soul’s deep sod

The tender shoots of spring begun
are stilled upon their vines
The frozen trees stand watch over these
wizened by their time
They had not yet entwined their hopeful foliage here . . . → Read More: March





                                         For Ingrid & Laura


Delicate dewdrops

Fragrance and flowers

Peaceful the stillness 

Of cherished hours

Spent in the bonds

Of friendship’s love

Storied by shared lives.

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In Honor of Maya


I wrote this in the summer of 2010. It is the right time to share it, as Maya was its inspiration…. God bless the lighted souls who share their spirits with us here. Maya was one such soul, lit by the tears of grief and fear, deepened by the experiences of life to a vibration of . . . → Read More: In Honor of Maya

Prayer to the Elements – Air


I feel you air!

breath upon my face

I feel you air

in this sacred space

Kissed by time and

wind and grace

softly she whispers as she passes

my place

gentle her touch upon my cheek

as she goes

Thank you oh wind

for your blessing bestowed



Air opens space

clearing – gently or forcefully – our minds and souls – opening up places to experience joy, love, . . . → Read More: Prayer to the Elements – Air

A Winter’s Rest


Beneath the sheets

and blankets warm

I sleep

Nestled and cocooned away

dreaming dreams of warmer days

the softening sheen of sun replays

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Still and Quiet


in the Night


My chimes that blessed me

with their breath


are Frozen


Not a whisper of their song

sounds to guide me into sleep


Snow Falls

frozen drops

and Calls

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Fire & Ice


The moon ringed in arcs of lighted ice while Tungurahua erupted in fire as the winter solstice and the Mayan calendar collided in transmutational energies on December 21st. (See my facebook page for pictures of these events) As we begin this new year of our journey on earth let us walk with our . . . → Read More: Fire & Ice


A Friday Prayer







Squeezing my life in among the cracks


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In this time of transitions, of Falling, away from Summer and into Winter, sleep, and death; that unbreathing waiting, hibernating, of long nights and howling northern winds to which we look as it comes to meet us once again, I ask


Is there Balance?


Or is there only loss?


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