Who is Deborah Lynn?


A lyrical poet and writer, Deborah Lynn expresses and interprets life through words. Her ability to clear a path, restore a vision, encourage hope and give voice to spiritual truths found in the minutiae of the everyday is a gift to her readers.


Drawing upon a deep well of lifetime experience salted with the gift of being able to make a spiritual connection to joy through the pathways of emotional pain, Deborah is not afraid to peel back the cover of her heart, and in doing so, enables others to find the courage to connect to their own.

Deborah Lynn lives in Wayland, Massachusetts with her husband and the lively memories of raising their five children scattered throughout her home in pictorial array. A late-blooming gardener with a love of, and respect for nature, she laughingly says that she could only raise one thing at at time, children or plants. After decades of child rearing, she reconnected with the artist within and has poured out the words, thoughts, knowings and feelings of her heart, distilling a life of caring and seeking into the beauty of a phrase that will catch at your heart.

Combined here with her new-found love of photography – the artist’s gift is always to bring us life from a new perspective – Deborah shares her love of life, nature, spirit and insight. Her personal journey has most recently taken her into the exploration of energy and healing as a Reiki Practitioner and Energy worker. She continues to seek and thrive and grow, sharing her journey step by step as she goes.