Earth and Sea

Summer Nostalgia




Abundant toys along the shore

summer sands shall play no more

A steely carpet the wave’s low roar

unrolled across a vacant shore.

Storm-tossed wave-washed seaweed-lined door

to gateways now most unexplored

peeking gulls and twittering turns

dodge the waves, parole the dunes

Fodder of first fall’s storms,

the ocean serves up a scavenger’s feast

softly rolling fury’s ceased.

Left for us this gray peeled sky

iron sea and loan gull’s eye

The beach transforms back to its own

kept and washed with fresh sea-foam

every trace of summer’s play

cleanly, roughly, washed away

memories in the sand held deep

natures form returns to sweep

its own true scape, and manless keep

beneath the storms of winter’s sleep

We come and visit often here

watching how the summer is cleared

no longer ours the glowing sun

warm waves tumbling for our fun

Gathered back into herself

the sea commands the shore

And once again we know we are

but surface dwellers transient here

when in one storm our scents washed clear

and nature know not who was there.


This wound will not be healed

until we really, really, really, hear

All the warnings dire

from a generation ago

stop the oil flow!

energy- energy

clean and beautiful will grow

it is green

yellow blue

the colors of earth and true

clear and here

and free to all


we must answer the call

Hear – oh hear oh hear us all

the creatures earth wind sky all call

hear, perceive

turn and receive

the gifts each gives

Do not pump and drill and toil

lookup to clear earth’s foil

ride on the strength of tides

the ocean breeze

it’s hidden message, receive

It’s free

it’s here

it’s crystal clear

there is no need to beggar

the earth and bring her to her knees-

all before us flees.

Breathe! Clear and free

Take! What is offered