Reflections on an Eckhart Tolle Weekend….

 I had the privilege, this spring, to join a group of people for a weekend retreat and meditation based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. For any new to his teachings, this is about Being Here Now…..

What follows is a succession of poetry and photography from a life-deepening weekend.  I invite you to join me here, in my journey, now….

Awaken - into my Singing world....


White, Gold and Green
are the Colors to be seen;
In the shades of the day they rest,
bringing in the sounds of the blest,
filling all the corners of my Nest…

Oh Dream
in the day-walk of the seen
Feel their beauty in your breast
Gold and Green
and at Rest




Meditation in a Garden…




They fall, gently drop –

waft away on the breath of day –

silently they glide

upon their way

Bathing the soft green ground

with delicate drops of grace profound,

All without a sound



I watch

and listen

bathed in breeze song

rushing through the grasses round –

gentle roaring neath the tide

waterfall drops

buzzing bees

waving branches

graceful trees


The fog slips by

pushed on by these –

Sunlight and grey

amongst the day, dream







Colder now the misty breeze

 shudders neath my wraps

Spring’s capricious play

on an April day….









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I Am! I Am! I Am! I Am!

I am the joy I feel
I sense, I touch,
I eat, weep, sleep –
I am each tear drop and each smile
I am each morning and each mile
I am in everything I do
I am each word I share with you
I am my heart
each beat is true,
I am the sky
grey and blue
I am the one

I am coming to….