Fall Solstice



Has left her cusp
upon the morning-nighted dew
She weeps a faint tear
or two
And leaves her glass slipper,
like a shoe bereft
forlorn, it’s fathoms unadorned
by morn, or night, or you.
She leaves
Fairy breath upon the breeze
gently fading as she sees the dawn
of Libra
beam upon the morn.
Night-gone flight-
light as a whisper
she leaves
Amongst the first of these,Virgo Leaves
fall’s offerings,
and leaves upon the trees
her mark
A softness stolen in the dark,
pure vir-gold she.
And stark upon
our memory
replays the sunshine of her days
all glistened in the fading rays
of summer’s ending days.
She laughs
and kisses us
and plays.
Her farewell echoes
on our graves



“Libera Me”

The portal speaks

On the break of day

Clouds of doubt and fear

are cast away

into burning blazing blue

the sparkling chilling of the air

presents autumn’s fairest dare

to move beyond the present


Libra me

into fall to see

the possibilities

The possibility of peace,

the possibility of

agreement, acceptance

with each

The possibility of enough

abundantly –

The possibility of harmony

the healing of earth’s wounds

with these, crisp, clear

autumnal visions.

In it’s clarity let us review,

look back and forward

to gain a new,

fresh-washed with dew,