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Everyone has a Home, this is mine…..


Fresh each day…inspiration comes

Just wake up, and feel the sun

We rise and fall with all life’s rhythms, for us new life is just a given

So once more round the bend, new life, hope, love – a bit of heaven

Lift your head, your eyes, your heart;

And with this mind, make your new start….


The earth, the sky, the sea – many footprints, many paths, many places to be  —
All included in this trip, the journey of life
Live-touch-taste-feel  —-   sing-cry-agonize
reflected in a glass soul – a one life pass – set a moment to sea, awaken, to steps of life not yet taken…

Join me on a journey through these pages…….in poetry, in song, in vision. Be encouraged in, be connected to, who you are…..